This class is great at head on melee fights, and its Zombie Pigmen are great allies with huge power. Overall, this class is somewhat OP.

Equipment Edit

  • Golden Sword - Knockback II (4 Attack Damage)
  • 3 Spawn Zombie Pigmen x3 (Renamed Zombie Pigman Egg) (The Zombie Pigmen will attack nearby players)
  • Leather Armor (Pink)

Abilities / Damage Edit

  • Can spawn 3 minions to assist you
  • Spawned Zombie Pigman gain speed 2 when agitated
  • 1.5 heart / 3 damage (Golden Sword) [Non-critical hit]
  • 1 heart / 2 damage (Zombie Pigman) [Non-Agitated]
  • 2 hearts / 4 damage (Zombie Pigman) [Agitated]

Strategies Edit

Throw your Zombie Pigmen Eggs when you are low, or when you come across a group of enemies. When you come across a stronger class (e.g. Iron Golem), throwing your minions at them would not be a bad idea either. As they deal massive damage, try as far as you can try not to hit them. When you see a weak melee class(e.g. Skeleton, Firework), do not fear to jump in and fight him. When against a strong class, try to lure him to an edge and knock him off with your sword. This class is not advised for teaming, unless you count your mobs as friends!

The mobs are great for stage-control too since you can almost defend certain points with your mobs, or spread them around the map, pressuring the foes.

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