The Zombie Class is a melee based class that has strong Knockback and strong power. It is considered one of the better free kits and one of the better classes in Super Craft Bros..

Items Edit

  • Iron Shovel - Sharpness 2, Knockback 2. 5.5 Attack Damage.
  • Rotten Flesh - Summons 5 Baby Zombies with 1HP.
  • Leather Armor

Abilities Edit

  • A Melee/Knockback class.
  • Can summon mobs.

Strategies Edit

Keep away from some classes, and clean up with your shovel when their health is low. Going in for the kill whenever you get the chance is a bad idea, as it is not a very tanky class. Knockback is especially useful when the opponent is in the air near the edge. Try to get as many Critical Hits as possible.

Trivia! Edit

  • This class has the strongest melee of any default classes.
  • Many consider this class OP, and a lot of "pro" players main the class.