The Wolf class is a new class in SCB that was added in the X-Mas Update. It is a Legendary only class that is very strong having a strong melee and able to summon dogs that attack players.


  • Bone - Sharpness III (does 3.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Raw Beef (renamed Thrill of the Hunt) - Summons in two dogs that attack other players. One use per life.


  • Don't try to knock off other players, as you don't have any knockback. Sooner, try to land as many hits as possible in a short period of time to damage them.
  • When you are on your last life, only kill other players when they are alone ; they won't be able to deal a lot of damage to you before they die, because the Sharpness V Bone can kill in 2 or 3 good hits.
  • When two enemies are fighting, summon wolves when they are weakened to finish both of them off.


  • Able to summon powerful dogs at your side.
  • On your last life the bone gets Sharpness V (which deals 5,5 hearts of damage per hit, even more powerful than the Herobrine's sword) and instead of Raw Beef you get some Redstone Dust named BloodLust, which spawns in a wolf beside each player. You also get infinite speed II.

Trivia Edit

  • The only Legendary Only class, yet Legendaries rarely use the class since they have likely mastered a different class like Cactus or EnderDragon