Wither class is a strictly ranged class, equipped with a bow that can shoot Wither Skulls. It is hard to approach if the player is skilled enough but has a hard time in a PvP fight.


  • Bow - Shoots explosive Wither Skulls which cause the Wither II Effect on hit for 3 seconds. (Must recharge for 5 seconds upon shooting 3 Wither Skulls). Rarely causes the effect for 40 seconds.
  • Splash potions of Decay (64) (gives the Wither II effect for 3 seconds)
  • Arrow
  • Leather armor (Dark Grey)


  • The only class in the game that can cause the Wither II effect.
  • It can shoot Wither Skulls - an unique aspect to the class.


Try and take out enemy using ranged shots, but if that fails throw a splash potion on them when they get with in distance. For higher accuracy, hold down the fire button for longer before firing - the skull will fly MUCH faster.

A more "in your face" method is the "heartbeat/suicide trigger" method. This means using nothing except your bow, where you double jump and shoot your Wither Skulls at the place you were just at, or below yourself. As Wither has a higher resistance to it's own wither effects, you can blast the attacker in the face and then run off.


  • This was one of the original classes made by SethBling. Originally, the bow didn't shoot Wither Skulls.
  • The Wither Skulls both fly and explode like a real wither's projectiles. The longer you charge the bow, the faster they travel.
  • It is considered by many to be a horrible class,but its actually a good class.
  • The class used to have a Nether Star with Sharpness I and Knockback I, then later had a Nether Wart with the same enchantments that also caused the Wither Effect on hit. The lack of melee is a big hindrance for the class.