The Witch class is the highest jumping class. This class excels at finishing off opponents quickly and making a swift getaway. If you right click on the broom you can jump 4 times (plus the normal double-jump), even higher than the Ender Dragon class.
It costs 100 gems.


  • Wheat (renamed Broom) - Sharpness I, right click to use 4 super jumps.
    • Does a 1/2 heart of damage
  • Splash potions of Instant Harming II (10) (Deals up to 6 hearts of damage per potion)
  • Splash Potions of Poison (3) (Poisons you up to 33 seconds)
  • Splash Potions of Weakness (2)
  • Armor Leather (purple)


Super high jump, when right-clicking the wheat


When using the Witch, learn to master its super jump abilities so you can jump high and get away from strong melee classes like Cactus or Iron Golem safely. Use your potions wisely since you have a scarce number of them.

When fighting a strong class many would recommend you use a splash potion of weakness and poison, then go in for the kill with your Sharpness I Broom. Always try to dodge with your super jumps! You can also jump really high and then throw a few harming potions, as your opponent won't be able to counter the attack.

Never spam potions! That will bring you to waste and you will die an early death


  • The witch can be bought at the character gem shop for 100 gems.
  • Although this class can jump extremely high, witches in vanilla Minecraft can only jump one block high.
  • This class is often considered the most annoying class in Super Craft Bros
  • This class is much better at
Super Craft Brothers Brawl Character Review - Witch

Super Craft Brothers Brawl Character Review - Witch

By Balestor