Villager is very easy to underestimate due to its appearance and its weapons which seem quite underwhelming. The thing is, these weapons can be used very well with skill. It requires clever use of its Baked Potatoes.

Equipment Edit

  • Villager's Emerald - Sharpness II, Knockback II. 50% chance to poison the target for 3 seconds.
  • Baked Potatoes (6) - when thrown it drops a potion that causes blindness and slowness for 3 seconds.

The class also spawns with a Random Item each life.

Abilities Edit

  • Has a variety of effects to attack opponents with - Poison, Blindness and Slowness.
  • The only class which spawns with an item that you can get as an item drop (unless you are a VIP, Pro or Legendary on life 5 or 1)

Strategy Edit

Villager is quite simple, and you can knock players off the map very easily because of the Knockback II from the Emerald. Spawning with a random item is very powerful too because you can spawn with very powerful items.