A Blaze, a SnowGolem and an EnderMan fighting.

The map "Village" is one of the 5 maps that were in the original Vanilla-version of Super Craft Bros. Like the name suggests it is a small floating village in the sky with random holes to fall to your death and houses to camp in.


Avoid the holes, and try and keep a close eye on ranged classes. If you are one, get up high with your back to something and shoot until they get too close. Hiding in the houses means people have to come in to get you, so powerful melee classes would be good.

The house across from the church is a great camping spot as it is hard to get into, and hard to be killed when you are in it. If you press your face on the glass you can shoot through the glass. e.g. bows, splash potions


  • One of Seth's original Vanilla maps.
  • This map has been tweeked to make some area's easier to reach