The Vampire is a Gem-Rank, Ranged class in SCB, first added in Mythical update. It costs 150 Coins to unlock.

Equipment Edit

Bow (renamed Poison-Tipped Crossbow) - Infinity I; gives Poison II, nausea, and slowness

Ghast Tear (renamed Fang) - Sharpness I, Knockback II and regen your life with 0,5 per hit


Strategies Edit

  • Shots with the bow give poison II to the target. It usually takes about 3 to 4 shots to kill an opponent at full health, but the bow requires a 4 or 5 second wait before you can shoot again if you miss. If you hit, it becomes instantly recharged.
  • The Fang is not very useful to kill an opponent, but it steals 1/2 hearts of health and it is useful for knocking people off the edge.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Missing with the bow will give you a 4.5-5-second cooldown on the bow before being able to fire it again, so make sure to connect your shots.
  • The Fang drains only 1/2 heart on hit, and is pretty weak damage-wise. It's best used to get a sneaky hit on someone then running away.