Treehouse is a large treehouse! it has a path from the bottom to the top, which has 2 small huts. It has two spawnpoints on the ground, one on the roof of the second-to-topmost of the upper 'houses,' and one on one of the branches. It has a basement that can only be escaped from by ender classes, bats, and possibly slimes. There are also places in the trunk an ender class can teleport into that cant be entered into or exited out of via normal means, and places where the water flows out of have black catch plates players can camp on.


All classes have their advantages and disadvantages on this map so pick the best class you can use

Swords - Run around the base of the tree while climbing it if you need to regenerate health

Bows - Get to the top of the tree and rain arrows from above

Potions - Stay in the tree as you will be much better with them having less room to move around


You can get into the basement but you will be stuck unless you are a endercreater or have a jump boost (fixed)


<gallery> 2013-03-19_14.52.32.png|An overview of the Treehouse. 2013-03-19_14.52.48.png|An overview of the other side of the Treehouse 2013-03-19_14.54.20.png|The basement. 2013-03-19_14.53.32.png|The water catch plates. 2013-03-19_14.54.30.png|The ground floor of the Treehouse.