The Limitless Update is the latest update to SCB, which added 3 classes from the community.


The teaser photo for the Limitless Update.

New Classes Edit

In the Limitless Update Class Contest, 3 classes were chosen from 20+ pages of classes, which are:

  • Cloud (VIP Class, created by TLBM13579)
  • Necromancer (Coin Class, costs 900 coins, created by LegendofMewtwo)
  • Noteblock (Coin Class, costs 900 coins, created by Bluswimmer2)

Firework was also brought back after being removed for bug fixing.

New Features Edit

  • The re-introduction of chat systems, Legendary players can make their private chat now.
  • Ranks now fully support name-changes, this applies to SCB, VD and Minecade.

Patches/Bugfixes Edit

  • Squid now does not put a squid on an enemy's head, as a 1,8 bug make the squid block the vision completely.
  • Jeb's Call now does not push players off when in spawn-invincibility.
  • Guardian's water-heal no longer extends to the next match.

Trivia Edit

  • People were initially unhappy about the decisions made in the class contest, as all of them came from the first page. Felipe, the owner of Minecade, explained that the staff could not find better ideas in the later pages.
  • This update introduced 2 of the most expensive classes by far, as the coin earn rate was recently buffed.
  • This update was introduced in March 7, 2015, and was the first major update in 2015.
  • This update was looked forward on by the community, as it signifies that Felipe, one of the owners, is back from unknown reasons.