The End is a small map originally created by Sethbling and was based on "The End" in Vanilla Minecraft, and features similar obsidian towers. (A jump boost command blocks triggered by pressure plates help you get on top), exit portal, (appears once you have Beaten the Game, by slaying the Ender Dragon.) and a large base made of Obsidian.

2015-02-07 10.55.45

TheEnd from Spectator view.


An early version of TheEnd


The End is a 'very' small map, it is best to knock other competitors off the edge and it is relatively easy to do so, thus tankers and knockback classes fare quite well. The map allows very little space for retreating, although there is another way, that is, the towers. Three of the towers are good vantage points for archers and campers. Note that only one of the three is actually reachable by normal double jump, and the other two have pressure plates that trigger command blocks, which allow you to jump higher. Classes with teleportation abilities benefit greatly from these towers by only needing to throw an enderpearl to reach them, allowing extra mobility in the tight map. Camping is extremely easy up on the towers because of two reasons; first, it is inaccessible by direct jump, second, the small surface area makes it easy to defend. Also, sometimes the pressure plates do not function, use that to your advantage and camp with an enderpearl, if you are willing to receive insults from fellow competitors. When faced with multiple opponents using these teleport classes, the melee strategy may backfire on you, proceed with caution.


  • It is one of the original maps made by SethBling, in his Vanilla map.
  • This map has been tweaked and now includes a command block giving a jump boost.
  • Some of the pressure plates on this map are glitched on higher numbered SCB servers.