Explosion yay!

TNT is a unlockable class for SCB ; it costs 50 gems. It is very powerful, because it is a dangerous combination of a powerful melee class and a powerful ranged class. It has an enchanted wooden sword and three throwable TNT bombs that explode on impact.


  • TNT (3) - can be thrown ; when it impacts the ground or another player will explode instantly. One TNT does enough damage to deal a 2-hit K.O.
  • Wooden sword - Sharpness I (5.25 damage)


  • Able to throw explosive TNT


As the TNT, you are a strong melee and long ranged class. The best tactic with this class is to throw your TNT into the middle of a battle between two or three players, and then go in for the kill with your sword. It is advised to save one TNT to use in emergency situations, such as when you are low on health.

Once you are out of TNT, simply play the TNT the same style you would any other powerful melee class. Also don't waste your TNT on ranged or weak melee classes, just charge them and kill them with your sword.

Another strategy is to camp in spots with only one entrance. Then, we someone enters, throw a TNT at them and attack them with your sword. The Village map is great for this method

You can also hold out your sword and start running, creating the illusion that you have no TNT and that your low on health. Once they are close enough to hit easily (but not damage you) you throw your tnt right at the torso, and finish them off with sword if needed.


  • Introduced in the Strong Force update
  • Second block based class, the first one was cactus
  • When it was introduced, this class had 5 TNT's instead of 3 and they would deal enough damage to make a 1-hit K.O. The range was HUGE too. After much complaining, this was nerfed.
  • Due to the buffing of explosions in Minecraft's 1.7 update, each TNT again can kill a player in one hit.

How to KillEdit

The TNTs do great damage, so dodging is an important part of successfully killing a TNT.

  • Melee: When the TNT throws TNT at you, dodge it. When you see the TNT's hand go empty and switch to the sword, go in for the kill. Dodge direct blows by jumping around. Agile and powerful classes have an advantage.
  • Archers: Stay out of range from the TNT and shoot arrows.
  • Mob Spawners: Throw your mobs in there. When TNT focuses on your mobs, go in for the kill.
  • Potions: Stay on the same level as the TNT and dodge the blows while tossing potions.