Pets are for VIP and PRO members of Super Craft Brothers. This means that you default members can't purchase these. All pets are currently 50 gems. It offers a variety of pets including some classics such as, Wolf, Ocelot, and Cow. The Bat pet can even fly. The Snow Golem and Iron Golem are currently Legendary pets. To get the Snowman, you must purchase the Snowy Pack from the holidays. The Iron Golem is marked as "legendary."

Other Pet OptionsEdit

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "But, latebook, what if I want to get rid of my pet or want it to follow me?" Well at first, I just stand there staring at you, but then, I tell you about the pet options under the pet eggs. These include the Despawn Option which is an iron sword that you can use to "despawn your pet with", A leash which lets you command a pet to follow or stop following you, a Randomizer which is a chest that randomizes your chosen pet's features, A saddle which when used on bats, can make you ride and fly on it, and a compass which allows you to teleport your pet. All of these pet options don't require a purchase, but require VIP or PRO to be used. You also need to purchase at least 1 spawn egg before any of these options provide any use to you.

That's all for pets, so I hope this aided your Super Craft Bros experience. I will be posting more pages and by the way, I'm from the UK, so if I say something that may sound different since most people here are probably American, that's just how I talk. Oh, before I forget, pets don't behave at all like how they do in Single-Player Minecraft gameplay, in case you were wondering.

Super Craft Bros Bat pet which allows you to fly when riding it.

Super Craft Bros Villager Pet