A hard class to approach, The Summoner has a whole monster army at its disposal with high power and defense. Its melee weapon is also surprisingly powerful and can finish off enemies easily. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


Magic :O


  • Written Book (Renamed Book of Wisdom) - Sharpness 3, Knockback 2
  • Spawn Fire Skeleton - 2. They have full Gold Armor, a Flame I Bow, and Aimbot.
  • Spawn Armored Zombie - 3. They have Full Iron Armour and a Stone Sword.
  • Spawn SuperCharged Creeper - 1. A charged-creeper with a 10 block blast radius.
  • Bucket of Milk (Renamed Medicine)


  • Can summon powerful monster allies.


This class is a force on almost any map. On big maps, rely on your mobs for huge damage and wait behind them or even work with them. On smaller maps you can use your melee weapon which has a surprising amount of Knockback and control the stage with your mobs. There are a lot of different ways of using the class as its mobs are so versatile.

You can be creative - like a good player of SCB - or be a boring, uncreative player by camping with your mobs and not even trying. Fun.


  • If a Summoner finds a Zombie, Skeleton, or Creeper Pokeball item drop, it will have the abilities the mobs it spawns with have. E.g - a Zombie would get the armor and sword.
  • This class is by far the most controversial class on SCB since Wither Skeleton, due to its ridiculous power, versatility and survivability. Almost anyone who uses the class will be called a noob or told they have "no skill".
  • Watch Out! The creeper explosion will hurt you too!

How to KillEdit

So long as you maintain a good distance from the mobs, killing a Summoner should be easier than usual.

  • Melee: Melees have the hardest time killing a Summoner, especially when they camp. Try finding a Zooka or mob egg, or let someone else do the work for you.
  • Archers: These class types have the easiest time. Stay away from Skeleton bow range and take care of the mobs, then finish off the Summoner.
  • Mob Spawners: If you are a Summoner, throw your mobs near them and let things go crazy when they attack their own mobs in an attempt to find yours. Magma Cubes and Pigmen can throw in their mobs and take care of a Summoner easily.
  • Potions: Get as high as you can above the mobs and Summoner and rain down potions. Witches should aim for the Summoner as well as Bomb users.