A picture of the Stronghold map. (with texture pack)

Stronghold is one of the original maps of SCB created by SethBling. It is a map that is based on a stronghold in vannila Minecraft. This map has a library with a lot of cobwebs on the lower levels, and spiraling stairs leading to an open balcony featuring an unusable end portal and small lava pools.


This map allows for mostly melee classes that have a Knockback enchantment on their weapon because they are a lot of ledges in this map, although their effectiveness is somewhat limited with bumps and walls present. The main fighting area is mainly the balcony. The reason is that being stuck on the lower level provides a height disadvantage. It is advisable to only go down if you are low on health, to heal yourself. Projectile classes will rain on you as you struggle to jump or climb the stairs. Ranged classes except the wither skeleton (for splash damage and instakill) do not see much play here as the doorways block a clear line of vision.


  • This was one of the original classes made by Sethbling