Minecraftuniverse truemu by goldsolace-d5wg9kb

The Star is the cheapest gem class in SCB, it only costs 25 gems. It is based on the Youtuber MinecraftUniverse. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.                                                  


  • Nether Star (renamed Cosmic Star) - Sharpness III and Knockback I
  • Pig Spawn Egg (renamed Jeffrey's Help) - Spawns a pig, he instantly heals you as long as he's alive and you're near him. He despawns after 35 seconds.


  • Can spawn a healing companion. The owner of the pig is written above its head.


This class is best to use when you are on a map with a lot of ground, as Jeffrey could fall off. Also you need to remember that Jeffrey can take damage as well, and you can only use him once per life. Also, it may be smart to hide Jeffrey, in a certain area and camp. Another strategy is to wait for an opponent to come to you, and spawn Jeffery right before engaging them in battle, not giving them a choice to kill Jeffery. As you battle, you will be virtually invincible, except in cases where you are near an edge and are knocked into the void. Bewared, Jeffery will despawn after a little while.


  • First class to have a healing companion
  • Cheapest gem class
  • Introduced in the Strong Force Update
  • Like TNT, this class was nerfed. Originally Jeffrey could heal you from any where and this made exploits really easy, by spawning Jeffrey in a unreachable place.
  • Based on Youtuber MinecraftUniverse.