Spider is one of the Original 8 SCB Classes and is a speedy, high knockback class.

Weapons: Edit

  • A Spider Eye with Sharpness II and Knockback II. Poisons people if they are not poisoned.
  • Leather Armor (Red)

Effects: Edit

  • Speed III
  • Jump Boost II

Strategy: Edit

The best way to win with this class is to use a hit and run strategy. Hit them, run away, and double back to hit them again! Your speed should make it hard for your opponents to hit you. Also, you can knock people off, or just annoy them and just run everywhere. Good maps are the relatively flat Bodil40 maps, but not JungleRiver as the water can slow you down. Also, for the SethBling maps, Village, Stronghold, and PileOfBodies are good maps. Finally, on The SCB maps, you'll want to choose Atronach (but beware of campers!), TreeHouse, and maybe Icefall.Beware, however, as another Spider can counter this class, as well as Potatoes and maybe Ocelots, if you are hit by its Purr.