Snow golem

Snow Golem is an unlock-able class, it cost 75 gems and its not a very strong class, but if you know how to use explosives well, its one of the best. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


  • Stick - enchanted with Sharpness I and Knockback I (does 1,5 heart of damage per hit)
  • 15 Snowballs - explode on impact (does between 3 and 5,5 hearts of damage per hit) 
  • Armor Leather (white)


  • Melee stick applies a slowness affect


Don't spam the snowballs, they are your strongest weapon. Save a few to use when someone moves towards you. Use the stick on strong players so they can be easier to hit with your snowballs when they have the the slowness effect, it is also easier to knock them out of the stage. After you run out off snowballs you should either try to attack weak players or hide. Please run away if you see ANYBODY after you.


  • The head that represents the snow golem in SCB, is his real head, playing regular Minecraft you always see the snow golems with a pumpkin but if you go to the game files (textures to be specific) you can see the Golem's face. Its believed that it would be annoying for player to have a pumpkin on their heads because you can barely see with it, so they chose his face instead.
  • Before, there were 15 snowballs, but it was nerfed. However, this was buffed again.

snow golem without his pumpkin

  • The stick is supposed to represent the Snow Golem's hand.
The Snow Golem Class

The Snow Golem Class