SnowGolem is a gem class that costs 75 gems to buy. It has explosive snowballs and a slightly underwhelming stick. This class is based off of the Minecraft SnowGolem.

Equipment Edit

  • Stick - Sharpness I, Knockback I. Slows enemies slightly.
  • Snowballs - 15. Explode similarly to Chicken's eggs and ButterBro's Flowers.

Strategy Edit

Some classes like the SnowGolem have a few explosives, then a backup melee weapon. The SnowGolem trades in some stats on the melee weapon for more explosives. 15 consumable explosives is the highest number, tied with ButterBro. You may have a lot, but use them wisely since they are your strongest form of attacking, especially if accurate.

Only use the melee weapon when you want to conserve snowballs or if you're out of them. It is one of the weaker melee weapons of SCB, so don't run into a fight guns-blazing like something like an IronGolem.

One way to use the melee weapon effectively is to hit someone with it, inflicting Slowness, then run away into a vantage point when they can't keep up to blow them up with snowballs.

Trivia Edit

  • If you pick up a slowball item, it will act as a Snowball like the ones you start with - it explodes!
  • Lots of higher-level players joke about SnowGolem "lowering your Kill-death Ratio" if you use it too often.