The Slime is a class both strong in melee and range. It has an enchanted wooden sword which deals as much damage as an unenchanted stone sword, and 12 slimeballs which can be thrown as grenades (sort of like chicken eggs). This class is basically an upgrade of Chicken.
Minecraft slime by reiyaku-d31r232

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

  • Wooden sword - Sharpness I, Knockback I (5.25 damage)
  • Slimeballs (renamed Gooey Grenades) - Explode on impact (12)
  • Leather armor
  • High Jump


The Slime's high jump and sword are the two most important tools in the slime's arsenal. Use the jump to avoid being hit by opponents, and then quickly kill them with your sword. Be careful when using your jump near the void- if you get hit, you're likely going to fall into the void.

Try not to waste your slime balls too early, since your supply is limited. Try throwing one or two as you approach an opponent to deal a little damage. They are especially useful against opponents who like to run away- when they have their back turned, throw some slime balls at them to finish them off.


  • Slime is believed to be one of the most overpowered classes in the game, due to it being a more powerful version of Chicken. Many players look down upon others who use it
    The Slime class

    The Slime class