Skeleton is a ranged class best suited to shooting players with its bow. Its bone doesn't do much damage, but can knock foes back.


  • Bow - Punch II (Knockback for a bow), Infinity I (does up to 5 hearts of damage per shot). It occasionally shoots a few extra arrows automatically.
  • Bone - (Renamed Skeleton Bone) Knockback I
  • Arrow
  • Leather armor


  • It can shoot powerful and high knockback arrows.
    Signature-of-the-week-minecraft-skeleton nerhk 4

    A skeleton without his bow


Skeleton class can camp in an elevated position and try to knock players off the map using the bow (easy because of the Punch II enchantment). When you are close to an edge, you can easily knock others off with the bone. If engaged in a melee battle, do not use the bone unless you are near an edge. Instead, try to first knocking your opponent away then shooting them with the bow to change it into a ranged battle.

A great map for this class is the map Tropical. As a Skeleton, you can climb on top of the large palm tree (the biggest tree) and snipe people from up top. If your opponents attempt to climb to you, you can shoot them and knock them off. Also, keep in mind that you want to stay ranged when you can. Your bone only has knockback, and does no real damage.


  • This was one of the original classes made by SethBling.
  • It creates a grey particle effect when hit.
Skeleton Class

Skeleton Class