The Shop is where you can buy many things

from Ranks, to special maps.

Listed here are the individual characters:


VIP join full servers, double jump in lobby, double gems,  pro characters, guilds.

price for VIP: $24.99

PRO all VIP benefits, triple gems, Magic Broom use in lobby.

price for PRO: $49.99

Upgrade to PRO same as pro, if you have VIP you can upgrade to PRO for a discounted price.

price for Upgrade to PRO: $34.99

Legendary All VIP and PRO benefits, Legendary nametag in servers, Special Iron Golem pet, Create and be in 2 Guilds, Fly in lobby.

SnowyPack for $10.00, you get 2 maps, SnowMan class, holiday railgun, and special Snowy the Pet.

Individual CharactersEdit

Baby Cow character

price for Baby Cow character: $60.000

EnderDragon character

price for EnderDragon character: $4.99

Ghast character

price for Ghast character: $4.99

Iron Golem character

price for Iron Golem character: $4.99