The Sheep class is an unlockable class for the Super Craft Bros game. It costs 150 gems and is really powerful, but you need both skills and luck to win with it.


  • Wool block (no enchantments) - when you right-click it, it will change into a colored wool block, either a :
    • Blue wool with Sharpness II and Knockback II (does 1 heart of damage per hit)
    • Red wool with Sharpness II and Fire Aspect II (does 1 heart of damage per hit, plus fire damage)
    • Green wool with Sharpness III Knockback I and gives poison effect (does 1.5 hearts of damage per hit)
    • Purple wool (really rare) with Sharpness IV and Knockback VI (does 3 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Leather armor - Changes colour along with the wool, the colors are Purple (rare), Green, Blue, and Red


  • Different attack rates and effects.


There are a number of different strategies to use, depending what wool you have, but they are quite similar. With the blue and purple wools, try to knock players off the map. With the red wool, hit and run, just make sure they are continually on fire. With the green one, again hit and run, take out weak targets, and try to knock your foes out of the map. With the purple, you can also try to land hits.  


  • Introduced in the Strong Force update.
  • When it was introduced, after a few hits the colored wool will turn back into the White wool. Now whatever color you get is the one that will remain for the rest of each life.
  • Purple wool used to have Sharpness VIII but no Knockback; White wool used to have Sharpness II; Red wool used to have only Fire Aspect I; and Green Wool used to have Sharpness I.
  • Green wool has a chance of causing nausea effect on a target along with the poison.
  • The purple wool is one of the strongest melee weapons in the game, next to the Herobrine and Iron Golem.


Spectators can "absorb" your powers if you place your wool right around them.  This allows them to steal your powers for the match.