The SethBling Class is very well rounded with good mobility and power. It is based off the YouTube user SethBling, who also created the Super Craft Bros. concept. It is a Pro Class.


  • Redstone Block- Sharpness II, Knockback III
  • Command Block (Renamed Seth's Block)- Gives you two types of random drop items. Can be used once per life.
  • Armor (red)


This is obviously not a ranged class (unless you get a Zooka from Seth's Block) so you might have to be picky with who you fight with. If you get anything good from Seth's block, go ahead and use it. The Redstone Block knocks back a lot more than I expected. Small maps are good so you can easily knock off. If you are in the middle of a fight with lets say an Iron Golem, keep double jumping so he will get irritated and you can get a few blows into him.The best things from Seth's block are probably: Hammer, Zooka, Bomb, and Golden Apple. Use these wisely.


Anything that has a strong melee is likely to kill you, so The Sethbling class is all about strategy. Iron Golems, Ice Blocks, Bedrocks, Cactus, Dwellers, and Butter Golems can easily sweep the floor with you.

Since the Redstone Block is more aimed for knocking people off a map, not straight up killing foes, jump all around them, lure them to an edge and wait for them to jump. Then Critical Hit them offstage.

Ender Dragons are harder to deal with because they can jump as high as you, making it harder to do the above strategy, and they have much more power. Confuse them and you have a higher likelihood of victory.

Trivia Edit

  • The SethBling class is based on SethBling's skin and it is rumored he had a say in how he would work.
  • The really high double jump is based on Mario's "Super Jump Punch" in Super Smash Bros.