There are many types of ranks in SCB/ Minecade. There's only two ranks you can buy such as VIP and PRO.

                                  VIP and PRO 

VIP costs 25.00$ and PRO costs 60.000$. With these two ranks you get all of the VIP classes unlocked, double jump in lobbies, join full servers, spectate games, make guilds,PRO's can use the Magic Broom In the lobbies, VIP or PRO name tag, a 2x coin multiplier for VIP, and a 3x multiplier for PRO.

                                  GM and MGM 

In order to become GM you have to first buy VIP or PRO then you can apply for GM at the Minecade forums and if they accept you will have the responsibility of being a GM, with GM comes a lot of responsibility for you can, ban, kick, mute and even temp ban players, GM name tag, with GM your job is too make sure players don't break the rules in any Minecade server. In the Minecade lobby GM's can go into gamemode 1. But with this rank you need much responsibility and trust as well as nice, careful, etc. For being a good GM, you will be rpomoted to MGM. With MGM you get an MGM nametag, and when you have the Minecade mod you can turn on a swearing or spam filter, you can also go to the SCB lobby and fix, change, edit, or add something to the SCB lobby.

                               Op's, Dev's, Admins,Owners 
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