The potato is a versatile class. It allows the user to trade power for mobility. 


Head: Minecade6's head.

Chestplate: A gold/yellow/orange chestplate

Leggings: Gold/yellow/orange leggings

Boots: Gold/yellow/orange boots with Protection IV and Feather Falling XXXXX


Tator: A potato with Sharpness V. If you "Use" it by right clicking, you can trade a level of sharpness for Speed II and Jump Boost II


First click: Sharpness IV, Speed II and Jump Boost II

Second click: Sharpness III, Speed III and Jump Boost III

Third click: Sharpness II, Speed IV and Jump Boost IV

Fourth click: Sharpness I, Speed V and Jump Boost V

Fifth click: No Sharpness, Speed VI and Jump Boost VI

If you are killed by fire, you respawn with Fire Aspect II and Sharpness V. This makes the potato a good counter for the blaze, whose every weapon sets the target on fire.


You have very little knockback, so focus on keeping your opponent close and damaging them as much as possible.

Do not right click more than twice. While it is helpful to have jump boost and speed, you do very little damage at Sharpness I and II. Without the bonus of knockback, at five clicks, you have no method of attacking that does damage, because your opponents have armor.

Only "Use" the potato when you need to escape. It is a waste to use it when you don't need it