PileOfBodies is a map by SethBling. It consists of many platforms that are made to look like the players Notch, Jeb (?), SethBling, AntVenom, CavemanFilms, SkyDoesMinecraft, CaptainSparklez, Sundee, and possibly a few others.

Class StrategiesEdit

This is a wide-open map, with wide-open spaces, and the various elevations of the bodies make for mutli-level battles. This is a map where most classes are useful, because there are no obstacles other than the sides of the platforms, giving a clear shot for ranged classes, and for the same reason is countered by the ease of movement for strafing. This special characteristic allows for a variety of classes found here. Ender pearls have little use here other than running/chasing, though they can make it easy to get around in general. Jump boost or speed is recommended to easily maneuver around the huge gaps. Knockback or tanking classes fare really well here, as the platforms are relatively small and it's easy to get knocked off. Mob spawning classes are not recommended for long term strategy as the multi levels do not allow their minions to move around freely, thus limiting their effectiveness, and allowing other players to avoid that platform, although you can camp while under the minion's protection.


-Except for Notch and Jeb (not sure if it's really Jeb -note by editor), all the other platforms are of You Tubers.

-This is based off of a survival map, or the map is based off of this?