The Pig class is a strong, but weak class. It has a high level of attack power (Sharpness III), but it's weapon only has knockback I. Whenever you are attacked, (i.e Player, Potion etc.) you will get a fairly Large boost to your speed. (Speed V) Make sure you have the chance to escape, before you lose a life...


  • Raw Porkchop - Sharpness III (does 3.5 hearts of damage per hit) knockback I
  • Leather armor


  • Whenever it takes damage, it gets a Speed V effect for a few seconds.
  • Makes pig noises when hit (cosmetic feature)a


Hit and run, hit and run, hit and run! If you get hit 2 times go back and regenerate a little bit and go back to fight. As a pig you want to only do 1v1's because that is your strength strafe with your speed, dodge, duck, and dive. Since you have knockback I you can do the ole' knockback game if you want but we recommend you to go full out melee since you have sharpness III.


  • Introduced in the Maptastic Update
  • In Regular Minecraft, Hitting a Pig will result in it running swiftly, until it stops. This idea was Implemented here.

The Pig Class

The Pig Class