The Notch class is a gem character which costs 100 gems. It excels at melee combat and has the ability to drag opponents towards the user. This dragging ability, once mastered, can be used for a variety of tactics.

Equipment Edit

  • Stone sword - Knockback I (does 2 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Grass Block (6) - Drags an opponent towards you and deals little damage when right clicked, while the crosshairs are aimed at the target. The aim must be very precise to be able to execute this move properly.
  • Leather armor
  • Notch's Head


  • 6 Grass Blocks that drag opponents toward you if you right click while the crosshairs are aimed at the desired target.



Notch's skin

Use your stone sword to your advantage, and battle opponents with melee. The Grass Block makes the Notch an anti-camp class; you can drag archers towards you and use your sword to dominate them. The Grass Block is quite handy to use on retreating opponents who are low on health, especially ones with an infinite Speed effect that you can't possibly catch by running. If you have excellent aim, you could drag the opponent towards you, knock them back, and repeat, similar to playing a game of tennis with yourself. This gets even more ridiculous on alleyways where you have a clear shot, because they are only able to run forward and cannot jump behind you. However, on open maps, it is much harder to use Notch because of the precise aim required to use your ability. Do not waste too much time on perfecting your aim, otherwise someone will get the jump on you. In a surprise attack, you can fake to fall off a ledge, use the grass block, and then double jump back onto the land, hoping that your enemy will be pushed off the cliff.


  • Notch was introduced in the Maptastic update.
  • The Notch class costs 100 gems.
  • This class is based on the creator of Minecraft, Markus Alexej Persson, AKA Notch.
  • His head is the same skin Notch uses rather than being based on Notch's real life head.
  • Before Notch was nerfed, you had one grass block only, which when right clicked, teleported 2 random opponents to you, and inflicted them with a slowness effect. It could even be a stupidly cheap suicide kill as it could be used offstage.