NorthernSeas is a map created by DryiceNightfury, situated in SCB's main map selection. It is based on the Arctic Ocean and is swamped by water and includes some attractions from the North Pole (whales, penguins etc). This map was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


NorthernSeas has quite a lot of camping spots underwater, which are ideal for sniping and ender classes. This is not a good map for classes with Fire Aspect enchantments (blazes, ghasts, wither skeletons) as a victim can easily jump in the water to quench their fire. Players with Knockback can effectively knock players into the void, as the area beneath and out of the water has no obstacles to stop a player from falling to their doom. High-jumping classes can also camp on the penguin and on the whale fin, which are great places for sniping classes. 


  • Ender classes can ender-glitch in the whale
  • Penguins only appear in the South Pole, so the penguins should be replaced with other creatures like polar bears and seals