A close-up of the Dragon itself. Used to be a good but "nooby" camping spot.

Night Dragon is a map with 6 small platforms made out of clay so it is advised not to jump around too much, one the first server exclusive SCB stages!


Archers are a very good class here. They can send opponents out of the map. Skeleton is recommended here because of it's high knockback power.

If you are a melee person then class with throwable explosives such as Chicken and Snow Golems are good here also, although picking an Ender class (WitherSkeleton , EnderDragon and Enderman) is a good idea since you will likely fall very often. Another good choice is a "knockback" class like Buttergolem and Dweller etc


  • Many players used to abuse the map by choosing classes with high jump or ender pearls to reach places the other can't get to, however this was fixed so if you try to map exploit you will instantly die.
  • Its impossible to reach the dragon, even with the witch so dont try