Nether fortress

The Nether Fortress, with the old SCB on front.

The NetherFortress map is based on the naturally generated Nether Fortresses in vanilla Minecraft. It is a relatively flat map with a balcony and a basement. The basement features a few lava pits.


Ranged attackers should stay on the top as in this map, where they can get an easier line of sight. Melee classes could also join in the fun, as there is plently of flat ground for strafing. Thus, most of the action happens there. The best classes are ones equipped for long term combat. Hit n run classes also work to some degree. Camping spots are also easily available here. The basement is a huge maze with a lot of entry/exit points, allowing players to ambush others, but is only recommended for healing and/or camping, though be wary of people sneaking from behind. From the top, it is possible to see two big lava pools. Falling in these will kill you. One of them features an unseen secret dead end room with lava pits, which is great for camping.


  • This map was included in SethBling's original minigame
    • The version currently in rotation on the server has more rooms in the basement than did the original.