The Necromancer Class was a gem class added into SCB with the Limitless update. It costs 900 coins, making it one of the two most expensive classes to unlock, the other being Noteblock. It was created by LegendofMewtwo.

Equipment Edit

  • Torch- renamed Magister's Candle. This has Sharpness 2, and has a 25% chance of setting players on fire.
  • Gunpowder- renamed Brimstone. When this is right-clicked, it creates a circle of smoke particles where you are standing. After a few seconds, a fireball will appear in the middle. If a player walks into it while there is a fireball in the middle, they will temporarily lose their items. A mob will spawn next to you, which copies the weapons and armor of the player that walking into the circle. If the mob is killed, you will take three hearts, but you can create a new circle after a few seconds

Strategies Edit

You'll want to spawn your mob as soon as possible- your melee will simply not be enough to take down most opponents. Try spawning the smoke circle in an area where two players are fighting- they will usually not notice the circle, and they might walk into it. You can also put the circle in a small place, such as in the mansion on the map Mansion. Alternatively, use it on a spawnpoint and hope for the best.

Once you have spawned your mob, you will now be able to take on the stronger classes. approach players with your mob, and use them as a distraction. This will gain you a few free hits, and if you get lucky, you might even set them on fire. If your health is low, try running away, and letting your mob do some of the work. Be careful while doing this, though- if it gets killed, you'll take some damage, and if you're low, you'll get killed.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, when a Necromancer's mob falls in the void, you do not take damage and you are not given another chance to spawn a new mob. It is unknown if this will be patched.
  • This is considered one of the weakest classes in the game, since almost no one is stupid enough to accidentally walk into the Brimstone circle.