2013-03-19 14.34.43

Over view of the map

Based on the Minecraft Mushroom biome. The mushrooms provide platforms and hiding places. Recently, there has been a rather creepy glitch enabling players to see the people at spawn running around the map.


Has a ridge on the side near the scoreboard that is not readily visible. The players can be prone to fall off, especially when another player has knock back. Classes that mainly focus on melee are good here since this is a tight map. Cactus, Chicken and other high melee damage classes are super good here. Many would reccomend classes that have spawn eggs like Magma Cube or Zombie Pigman becuase you can spawn them in the middle and players will often get trapped and die. It is also good to try and knock players into mobs.


  • Its one of the classic SethBling maps.
  • It was originally called Mushroom Island, but now it's only Mushroom.