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Mountain from a top view perspective

Mountain is one of the default maps of Super Craft Bros, it was made by Bodil40.


Ranged classes should stick to the upper ring, but be careful not to be knocked off. Try not to fall into the bottom pit and pipe, as classes with ranged attacks will rain on you. Due to the speed boots, melee classes can do hit and run.


  • This map was revealed to the public by Bodil40 in one of his videos where he showed himslef building the map, however this was intended as in the SCB website itself they made an article showing Bodil's video.
  • It's one of the maps that uses command blocks for speed ups and jump boost, the others being Winter and JungleRiver.
  • Before they made the command blocks work, you could get trapped inside a green Mario pipe where you were supposed to gain a jump boost if you fell in, however at first this did not work so you had to wait there unless you had Ender pearls.
  • This map might remind you of Bodil's Epic Jump map series.
  • The Speed Pads no longer work, and the map may sometimes be bugged, and the jump pads won't work too.