Maptastic update image from the SCB website

The Maptastic update was a major update, it included new classes, maps and more.

The update was released in May of 2013.


  • 15 new maps with 4 made by Bodil40, maker of the Epic Jump Maps
  • New classes unlocked with gems
  • More ways to get gems
  • Pro status

New mapsEdit

  • BODIL 40 : Tropical, Winter, JungleRiver and Mountain
  • FREE: Icefall, CherryGroove, NothernSeas, Lost Temple
  • SETHBLING: Pile of bodies
  • UNLOCKABLE: Monolith, Archfiend, Jungleboogie, Limbo, Crescent, Oriental, Pokemob

New ClassesEdit

FREE: Pig, Dweller, Villager, Zombie Pigman

UNLOCKABLE: NotchChickenWither skeletonSnow GolemOcelotWitch, Butter Bro

Gameplay changesEdit

  • When you win a match you win 2 gems instead of 1 and second gets 1, which means:
  • VIP : 1st place = 4 gems, 2nd place = 2 gems
  • PRO : 1st place = 6 gems, 2nd place = 3 gems
  • Added scoreboard tab that tells the lives of each player without needing to se the big scoreboard


  • The update was delayed a few times,the scb team joked that the update was going to be released at the same time as half life 3.
  • The chicken class used to be a secret within the game before the update and it was free, you could only choose chicken if you were lucky by choosing random.
  • It's the biggest update so far.
  • The update wasn't released to all the servers at the same time, at first i was only in servers 1-15 as testing purposes, with a notable bug being that after a player loses they stayed in the stage and could fight and hit other players but he/she was invincible.
  • After this update the server's popularity has grown a lot.


Pro was a new rank added in the update it cost 60 dollars and has all the vip features plus:

Gaining gems 3x as fast, being able to use the /join command, having a neat blue nametag on the forums and on the server. PRO will also include stuff like guild creation, meaning they can invite 3 people to join their guild and if 1 player in that guild has a map unlocked, all players in the guild can go ahead and play that map.

(From the official site)