Mansion is a SCB map with a giant structure in the middle. The Enderman, Wither Skeleton, Witch, Ender Dragon, Spider, Slime, and TNT are great on this map. This map was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.


Try to stay near the top and if you have a class with ranged attacks, like Blaze, Skeleton or Witch, snipe the people on the ground. If they can't jump high or teleport, they wont be able to get to you. Try and hide, then jump down on passing players.


  • This map used to have an Enderman glitch where you could go in the mansion. This was patched.
  • This is the 2nd worst rated map for Spiders because of the constant hiding spots that are easy to miss.
  • This map was changed to a smaller version, where the interior of the mansion was accesable to all classes, and there is less ground overall. The reason why it was changed is unknown.