Jeb in real life

Jeb is a class for SCB that is based on the current head of Minecraft development, Jens "Jeb" Bergensten


  • Wood sword - Knockback II 
  • Stone Block(x6) (renamed Jeb's Call) - shoots a ray of stone. If it hits a player, they get blown away in the direction the beam came.
  • Leather Armor (Red)




Try to use Jeb's Call when you can best, if you have a direct line of sight on an enemy its the best. Try to have a little angle with you beam going up a little, this makes the players fly up so its a more likely chance of them falling off. Use your sword when people get to close, like defense. Also, try to hit someone of when they are not paying attention to you, this allows you to knock them off with you Knockback II Sword.


  • Added in the Strong Force update
  • Based on the current head of Minecraft