An IronGolem in-game

The Iron Golem is a brutal class with one of the strongest melee weapons in the game. It is one of the easiest classes to play, but it is very hard to master.


Iron Axe (renamed Power Axe) - Sharpness I and Knockback 10 (6.25 damage). It has a chance to lift opponents into the air

Leather Armor (Grey)


As an IronGolem, you get a stronger melee compared to other classes. the Power Axe can kill all opponents pretty easily (at least 3 hits, with the classes that don't have any armor) and armored opponents in only 4 hits if you are quick enough and have no delay between each hit. Critical hits take this even further.

Most melee classes require you to dodge a lot since it takes a lot of hits to kill the opponent. However, you don't have to do that with the Iron Golem, since you only need a few hits to kill. If you're good at melee PvP, which you need to be good with this class, you should have no problem hitting a dodging opponent anyway.

If you manage to find a class that rely heavily on its bow, such as the Skeleton or the Ghast, and they are not in a camping spot, as long as there are no melee enemies nearby, sprint towards them immediately. Since their arrows usually deal a lot of damage, remember to both jump and strafe while running. Unless they have a very good aim, this will make you avoid nearly all shots.

The invisible no-armor stealth classes, Herobrine and Bat, will barely be able to put up a fight, unless they really know what they are doing.

150px-Village Golem

An Iron Golem in Minecraft


  • The Iron Axe once had Sharpness 2 and Knockback 1. He also had a separate weapon called the "Rose of Elevation". The Axe and the Rose were soon merged into one weapon, and the Axe was nerfed to Sharpness I.
  • This class once had the damage). Currently, Magma Cube and Herobrine are tied for the most melee damage (6.5 damage), despite the label in game stating "it has the strongest weapon in the game". From full health however, all three can kill with the same number of hits.