The Ice Block is a medium-strong melee class. It has the ability to Freeze people in battle, temporarily. So it is difficult for them to get hits on you.

- Stone sword

- Freeze ray (Ice)

- Ice Bomb (packed Ice)

Ice Block Class AbilitiesEdit

  • Freeze Ray (Ice Block) Right Click and shoots a laser beam of ice of about 10 blocks away. Any player that gets hit will take 1-2 hearts of damage and will receive slowness for a few seconds. It will regenerate it self after you use it.
  • Ice bomb (packed Ice block) Right Click and freeze everyone on the map with slowness 3 for a few seconds. Use it wisely you only get one per life.


This class of a has a strong melee, and able to go into big going into combat. first use your freeze ray to freeze them. Then land many hits on them as possible when they have the slowness effect. Because of your stone sword your melee is very strong and can easily crush an opponent. For archers like skeleton or ghast or wither- skeleton you can freeze them with your freeze bomb or ray if your close enough, to get there aim off and in that short period of time you should strike. When a notch teleports you should freeze them and run away so they can get to you.