The Herobrine class is a powerful class.
It has a strong sword that can kill opponents in just a few hits. It is one of the very few classes that has a stronger melee then the Iron Golem. The only catch is, this class is killed easily, as it has no armor



  • Gold Sword - Sharpness II, Knockback I (does 6.5 hearts of damage per hit)
  • Diamond (renamed Diamond of Despair) - Random effects: summon lightning, raise blocks that explode, give blindness, ect.
  • Potions of invisibility - (2) (0:05 seconds)


- Permanent Resistance II


Use stealth to your advantage, as pretty much any class can kill you off easily if you go right for the kill. The invisibility potions make you harder to hit, and only use the diamond if it is REALLY needed, as it is a glass cannon.


  • The Herobrine Class

    The Herobrine Class

    This class has the strongest melee in the game, clocking at 6.5 damage.

How to KillEdit

Herobrine is slightly easier to kill than a Magma Cube, the strongest class in the game, but difficult to kill nonetheless.

  • Melee: Jump around and land critical hits. Make sure you do it in a spiraling fashion; Herobrine will have a harder time attacking you. Classes with good agility like Spider and Ocelot are great, and Iron Golem is a solid choice too. Herobrine has no armor, so by landing multiple critical hits, you can kill him quickly.
  • Archers: Shoot Herobrine in the FACE! Since Herobrine has melee and not many ranged attacks, shooting should vanquish him easily.
  • Mob Spawners: Spawn your mobs to do your work. Summoner's zombies can cut Herobrine to pieces and Magma Cubes can spawn multiple cubes to kill Herobrine.
  • Potions: Maintain a good distance above Herobrine and rain down potions on him.