The Ghast is a class with great range, and a weak melee. It is hard to approach if the user has good aim and a good fire rate.



  • Bow - Flame I, Infinity I, Punch I (does up to 2.5 hearts of damage per shot, plus fire damage)
  • Ghast tear - Sharpness I, Knockback I (does 1.5 heart of damage per hit)
  • Armor Leather (white) with Fire Protection III on tunic and pants.


  • Higher double jump
  • Fire protection


Keep away from fighting up close, only try to pick of players when they least expect it. Get to a good sniping point, and try to keep it.

If you became good with this class, try to set your opponent on fire with a few good shots and then double jump behind him to finish him with the Ghast tear.



  • It was the only archer class in the VIP classes, until Firework was added. Firework still doesn't have a traditional arrow show though.
  • The Ghast used to be deemed an "upgraded Blaze" until Blaze had its Fire Arrows changed to Fire Charges.