AsmaraGardens, formaly know as Gardens of Asmara, is a map with multiple islands contining plants. This map is good for archers. Becuse of its high elevation of "islands" this is also a good map for high-knockback charectors, such as Dweller, Golems(budder and iron) and BudderBro also, Endermen, EnderDragons, etc. are good because they can easily teleport around a foe angering them. SUmmiing up this map, I suggest Wither Skeleton because of its access to a bow and enderpearls.

Strategies: Use enderpearls to teleport to other sections of the intersection to annoy the foe and make them run.

Trivia: This is a fan-made map made by Dani_F, and Dani_F was adworded PRO for his dedication.