Become a pryomaniac with this hot class! Attack your enemies with either sharpness or knockback, or just use them both to send them to their fiery doom!

Equipment Edit

  • Flint - Knockback 2
  • Iron Ingot - Sharpness 3 (Renamed Steel)
  • Leather Armor (Black + Grey)
  • "Flame" Head

Abilities / Damage Edit

  • Hitting and enemy with Flint and then with Steel, within 3 seconds of each other will light the enemy on fire for 25 seconds, dealing up to 5 more hearts / 10 more damage
  • 0 - 0.5 hearts / 0 - 1 damage (Flint) [Non-critical and Critical hit]
  • 1 heart / 2 damage (Steel) [Non-critical hit] (Critical hit deals 1 damage or 0.5 hearts more)

Strategies Edit

Being a relatively weak class, skills and good strategies are needed to play this class well. This class needs 2 hits to have the same effects of 1 hit of an average class. However, when in the right hands, this class can excel. One of the many strategies is to use a hit-and-run tactic. What this tactic involves is literally hitting and running, only that there is a slight difference. When you are close enough to the targeted enemy, just hit the with Flint, followed by Steel. If successful, this will deal up to 4 hearts or 8 damage. If the enemy tries to chase, just flee and repeat after about 10 seconds.