The Firework class is a new VIP class added in the community update.

Firework was disabled on February 7, 2015 for fixing, but the Limitless Update brought it back.


  • Firework bow, shoots a random firework of a random effect.
  • Firework Flier, Knockback II and when right-clicked it will launch you in the air, but will disappear after use.
  • Higher double-jump.


  • Get above your opponent to effectively use your bow. You can also use your flier to knock players away from you, then shoot them with your bow.
  • Use your flyer to get get above your opponent, or avoid falling into the void. Pressing shift will allow you to fall, or simply wait until the flier reaches maximum height, in which case you will fall off regardless.
  • Don't use the fire work flier as a melee weapon unless you're at high health, or somebody is close to the edge.

Firework effects listEdit

Shoots all of these types of fireworks.

  • White = damage
  • Green = poison
  • Yellow = blindness
  • Red = fire
  • Purple = nausea
  • Dark red = instant damage
  • Orange = slowness
  • Black = wither


  • The Firework class is created by Wootenator_, a Legendary.
  • Firework has undergone a lot of changes

Weaknesses Edit

  • Using the Firework Flier will disappear after one use and will be gone until your next life. Until then, you are left without a close-counter defensive measure, relying only on your bow. This means that against melee-oriented classes, like Iron Golem and other certain classes, you're at a disadvantage until your next life.