The Ender Dragon is a very mobile and relatively powerful class. It has decent approach options and escape options with a very high jump and 5 Ender Pearls.


  • Stone Sword (no enchantment) - 5 Attack Damage
  • 5 Ender Pearls
  • Leather armor (black)


  • High jump - 12 block high
  • Teleportation through its Ender Pearls


Ender Dragon can be played offensively or defensively.

The defensive strategy can be to either wait in hard to reach places using your Ender Pearls and attack when the foe is weak, or attack and jump or teleport away.

The offensive strategy is more effective. You might have Weakness II but don't let it faze you out - you can still do decent damage with critical hits in the air. Similar to Bat, you can run in, attack, jump up, and on landing hit a few more times. When you are weak, Ender Pearl away if you can survive it (reserve at least 1 heart) or jump and run if you are too weak to teleport.

You can also be even more aggressive with your Ender Pearls too. Ender Pearls are a great approach option from afar. Throw a Pearl towards an enemy and get your sword out so that you can arrive next to the enemy, and if aimed right, you can get a good few hits in as soon as you land, giving the foe a disadvantage when he or she begins to fight back. If they run away, throw another towards them or in front of them. Just keep up the pressure!

If you find the Weakness II too much of a problem (and it's not likely you will), try to find a bucket of milk and you'll be able to get rid of the "hinderance". Then you can become even more of a force with even more power - especially in the air.

Try to combine all these strategies and create your own for extra unpredictability.


  • The head used in this class is the the one of KingEndermen, an owner of SuperCraftBros.
  • The Ender Dragon used to have a Wooden Sword, but then lost some Ender Pearls and got a Stone Sword.
  • The owner of EnderDragon's head has been changed, until a later update, it will have the looks of a teenage girl.