The Dweller class is based on the YouTuber CavemanFilms and the class has his head. This class has a bone which can be thrown. This class was removed as of the For The Love of SCB Update.



  • Bone (renamed Club) - Sharpness III and Knockback I, and can be thrown for an explosion, but then disapears.
    • Does 2,5 hearts of damage per hit when used as melee weapon.
    • Does up to 10 hearts of damage when thrown.
  • Leather armor


(exploding bone)



The class is inspired by Cavemanfilms, a popular Youtuber.

Use your bone only to knock enemies off the map. This weapon is not good at killing face to face. It can also be thrown which explodes on impact. However if the bone is thrown, you will not have a weapon. It is best to use the club when you are near death like about to fall or you're burning. If you threw it but you are still alive, you can engage a fist battle, but do it toward players off guard.


  • This class is named after the YouTube Subscribers of CavemanFilms, a friend of SkyDoesMinecraft.
  • Of course, the head used in this class belongs to a player called CavemanFilms.
  • The club is the weapon that he uses in some of his videos.
    The Dweller Class

    The Dweller Class