The Creeper is one of the most popular default classes. They have a deadly arsenal of explosives and potions, enough to defeat most classes fairly easily. They also have a unique weapon in the Suicide Button which kills the user, but deals high damage to opponents.


Image Name Use Enchantments
Gunpowder item Creeper Essence Melee Knockback 1, Sharpness 1
Grid Splash Potion of Harming Destruction in a Bottle Throwing (Potion) (NONE)
TNT Destructionators Explosive (NONE)
Stone Button Suicide Button Explosive (kills self but deals high damage to opponents) (NONE)


Creepers can throw Potions of Harming, making them one of the few classes that can use potions. The Creeper also has a variety of explosive weapons as well. One of which is the Suicide Button, which takes away one life from the user but creates a giant explosion in the process, dealing high damage. The Destructionators are powerful TNT weapons that behave much like TNT in vanilla Minecraft.


A good strategy with this class is using the Destructionators while at close range, and then jumping, to avoid much of the damage done from the explosions. These explosions are very powerful and ignite very fast. The Potions are also a good offensive method, as they deal fairly high damage. As they are Splash Potions, the aim needs to be just right because of their physics. The Creeper is fairly bad at fighting in narrow places, so they should be avoided.

  • Creeper is weak against ranged classes.
  • Creeper is weak against high jumping classes (Witch, EnderDragon, Slime, etc).


  • This was one of the original classes made by SethBling, in his vanilla map
  • Considered by many to be an "UP class" by many players
  • Considered as the most annoying class. The Creeper Class frequently gets teamed on or accused of being a noob class.
  • It is likely the class which has had the most playstyle changes in the game.