The Cloud class is a VIP class added along with the Limitless Update. It's a very well rounded class. It was created by TLBM13579.

Equipment and Abilities Edit

  • Storm Sword (Wooden Sword with no enchantments) - When this is right-clicked, one of four abilities will be activated depending on the colour of your Storm Cloud.
  • Storm Cloud (wool) - This indicates which ability will be activated. On right click it brings up a "menu" with the storm abilities the chat.
  • An 8 block high double-jump and Jump Boost 2.

Storm Abilities Edit

  • White Wool- Can be used when player is above 8 hearts and is on the ground. This pushes players around you away.
  • Light Grey Wool- Can be used when player is more than five blocks above the ground. This will strike lightning on nearby opponents, causing damage, Blindness, and Slowness.
  • Grey Wool- Can be used when player is below 4 hearts and is on the ground. This strikes lightning in a straight path near you, causing damage to others.
  • Black Wool- Can be used when no other criteria is fit. This shoots snowballs in all directions, causing damage to others.
  • Red Wool- This indicates that the Storm ability is on cooldown.

The Storm ability has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.

Strategies Edit

Because the Cloud's sword has no knockback, it is good at quickly dealing damage. Dodge other player's attacks using your high jump, and then combo your opponents in the air.

For your "Storm" Abilities, most of them will be most effective when you're in an area with multiple players.

White Cloud is good for players near the edge of the map - Use it as other players double jump, so they'll be blown into the void.

If you're getting low on health and there's a player nearby, try double jumping to use the Light Grey Cloud. The Blindness and Slowness allows for free hits. It's a great combo starter and finisher. It's also great for hitting enemies above you - a hilarious RKO.

Grey Wool can be used while you're approaching an opponent - similarly to the Light Grey Cloud. If hit correctly, there will be a barrage of lightning strikes doing decent damage.

Finally, if you just want to deal quick damage to a group of players, using your Black Cloud is great for chip damage and driving enemies away. It's also great when cornering an enemy since it can be used in combination with your sword.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the most voted for class in the Limitless Class Contest, with over 90 likes. It has more than twice the votes of the second most voted class (Necromancer), and more than the post announcing the contest.