There are currently many available classes to choose from in SCB.

But after an update, many classes got removed...

Classes are split into three types: Default (Free) Coin (Formerly Gem), and Pro (VIP and up).

At the beginning of the game, players will be sent to the lobby were they select their class, either Default in front, Coin to the right or Pro to the left.

If a class is not chosen before time is up a random class will be chosen for the player. Players can only get classes they already own in random.

There are 8 original classes still in the game and more being added almost every update. The most recent as of the Limitless Update are "Cloud", "Noteblock" and "Necromancer(Removed)."

The classes, sorted in alphabetical order here, are the following:

Free Classes Edit

Coin ClassesEdit

VIP ClassesEdit